Name: Denis Ju

Title: Director of Research, R&D


More than 12 years experience in the electro acoustics filed. Engage in high performance microphone, MEMS microphone and microphone module development, such as voice recognition microphone system design and development. Start to do the research on the sensor, smart device and smart wearable products. There are more than 30 patents filed.

Name: Allen Qiao

Title: Director of Software and Testing, R&D


More than 12 years of experience? in? embedded system design and Test system design. Especially about headset of Audio field and? test system design based on the Lab View. proficient in USB audio,2.4G/Bluetooth wireless Technology. Master core algorithms in the Machine?vision?system and MIC Array signal analysis. There are 2 patents about Test system design.

Name: Wendell Wen

Title: Director of Acoustics R&D


13 years acoustics design experience, engage Headset、speaker and driver and MIC acoustic design, especially about Uni-directional and high performance MIC design. attended several China GB standards commenting. For example GB/T 12060.5、GB/T 12060.4-2012、GB/T 14471-2013。 There are 4 patents about MICs

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